Warwick Fox

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Warwick Fox

  • Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Central Lancashire.

  • Independent scholar and author, based near London

  • I offer courses, seminars, lectures, and personal briefings (potentially anywhere - see the Courses, etc section on this site)

  • Picture: Waiting for a friend: me in civilian life, squinting into the Sevillian light; my imaginary friend Don Q. tilting at windmills, taking on an imaginary enemy, which is, alas, what many people think philosophers do (Seville, 2009)

Front stage:

I have published widely in environmental philosophy in particular. However, I have since moved on to argue that we need to develop a "General Ethics" (by which I mean "a single, integrated approach to ethics that encompasses the realms of interhuman ethics, the ethics of the natural environment,
and the ethics of the human-constructed, or built, environment") and I am the originator of the "theory of responsive cohesion" approach to General Ethics.

I am represented in leading anthologies and encyclopedias in environmental philosophy, have served on the editorial advisory boards of some of the leading journals in the area (including
Environmental Ethics, Organization and Environment, and Environmental Values), and my books include:

My main university teaching has been in the areas of ethical theory (i.e., normative ethics and meta-ethics), applied ethics, environmental ethics, the philosophy of conservation, the philosophy of mind, the nature of the interior lives of humans and other animals, and the tangled trio of free will, determinism, and moral responsibility. I have also lectured or given papers internationally to a wide range of university and broader general interest audiences in countries ranging from Australia, Bermuda, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, and Italy to Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, and the US.


  • I am a low-key singer-songwriter-acoustic guitar player. My dreams would probably have "withered and died" without the inspiration I have derived over the years from my favourite music, and I can quote you lyrics from other people's and my own songs until "the dimming of the day" - I won't, but I could! (That said, the song titles I borrowed in the previous sentence are taken from two beautiful Richard Thompson songs.)

  • I have in the past also written and directed a couple of plays, and drama - in the form of theatre and film - remains a passionate interest. If my professional side, outlined above, primarily enriches my mind, then music and drama primarily enrich my soul.

  • I enjoy swimming, tennis, yoga, and general fitness activities. It's important to me to try to keep body, mind, and soul together - or "flying in formation" as a friend puts it.

  • Picture: In the wooded grounds surrounding Château du Clos Lucé, Leonardo da Vinci's last home (1516-19), at Amboise in the Loire Valley, France, 2011. Oh, to be capable of seeing even a fraction as deeply as he did ...

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