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Sample Songs: Home Demos

As comes through clearly in my book
On Beautiful Days Such as This, I have long admired the compression of thought and feeling that can be squeezed into the few minutes it takes to sing or listen to a song.

Here are some simple, one-take home demos of some of my own songs. You'll find the lyrics to these - and many other songs of mine - woven into the narrative that runs through
On Beautiful Days Such as This.

  • Old, Old Story -- "It's an old, old story about love and its glory, but it's always a good one to tell."

  • The Traveller's Wells -- God help you if you're out there on the parched plains and don't stumble upon the Traveller's Wells.

  • Dilapidated Soul -- Far and away the most depressing song here (the clue is in the title). About being worn down by the workaday world. You've never felt that way yourself, right?

  • Heaven's Call -- On hearing a woman with the sweetest voice singing in the London Underground. (This one isn't in OBDSAT)

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