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Piers Stephens (University of Georgia) provides a concise - and generous - one paragraph overview of the trajectory and intent of my work in his review of my book
A Theory of General Ethics in Organization and Environment, 21 (2008): 488-90:

"In an era when much academic philosophy tends toward ultra-specialization and when academic life itself is being made increasingly precarious, the Australian born ecophilosopher Warwick Fox has shown an admirably consistent inclination towards breadth of thought and intellectual adventurousness. Originally known for his defense and transformative reconceptualization of deep ecology, he emigrated to Britain and went on to help break new ground in 2000 with an edited compilation, Ethics and the Built Environment, looking at the moral issues germane to considering human constructions, especially touching upon urban rather than natural settings. Now, after some further years of reflection and research, Fox has produced his most ambitious and imaginative work to date, a book that builds upon and synthesizes his previous concerns so as to try to provide a 'General Ethics'; that is, 'a theory that lies at the basis of all things ethical', a 'unified (normative) theory that can satisfactorily account for the widest possible range of ethical concerns' (p.4). In short then, Fox here attempts nothing less than a systematic solution to all the priority questions involved in interhuman and ecocentric ethics as well as ethical questions related to the built environment, and endeavors to base this solution in a brand new ethical theory constructed from the ground up."

On reflection: about to go off for a swim near Molyvos,
Lesvos, 2010.

"Is the image I'm making
the image I see
when the man in the mirror
is talking to me?"
Graham Nash,
"Man in the Mirror,"
from his album
"Songs for Beginners"

(Lesvos was the birthplace or
home at one stage or another
of Sappho, Pythagoras,
Aristotle, Theophrastus,
and Epicurus among others.)

As Stephens's comments suggest, my recent work has been concerned with advancing the case for what I have termed a "General Ethics" - by which I mean a single, integrated approach to ethics that encompasses the realms of interhuman ethics, the ethics of the natural environment, and the ethics of the built environment - and to advance my own approach to General Ethics, which I refer to as the "theory of responsive cohesion." You will find the most detailed presentation of these ideas in my book
A Theory of General Ethics: Human Relationships, Nature, and the Built Environment (The MIT Press, 2006) and shorter presentations in my recent papers, some of which are included in the sample online papers section of this website.

In this section of the website, then, you will find, respectively:

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