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What I offer

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Warwick Fox

What I Offer: Courses, Seminars, Lectures, and Personal Briefings

I offer courses (as well as suitably abbreviated presentations in the form of seminars, lectures, and personal briefings) on, or along the lines of, themes such as the following:

Making more Informed Ethical Judgments: An Intensive Introduction to the Central Ideas and Approaches of Ethics

Ethics, People, and Environment: Which Way Forward? An Intensive Introduction to Environmental Ethics

3. The Philosophy of Nature Conservation: Exploring the Ground where Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Environmental Ethics Meet

Above and below:
On active duty,
tilting at outmoded ways
of thinking and advancing
constructive alternatives

4. Ethical Foundations for Architecture, Planning, and the Design Professions

The Best Approach to Everything: An Introduction to the Theory of Responsive Cohesion and its Application in Practical Contexts

What makes us who we are? Exploring Cutting Edge Research on Self-Awareness, Awareness of Other Minds ('Theory of Mind'), Joint Attention, and the Power of Language

Selves in Relation: Exploring the Responsively Cohesive basis of Successful Therapeutic, Counselling, Caring, and other Trust-Building Relationships

Some Quick Clarifications

  • I am based near London but am potentially open to offering these courses, seminars, lectures, and personal briefings anywhere, i.e., not only in the UK.

  • I provide these presentations and facilitations in places arranged by the organization, group, or individual who commissions them, and not independently of that.

  • The length of these presentations and facilitations can vary enormously, depending upon your needs. Please therefore contact me to discuss these matters as well as the question of my (reasonable) fees for delivery (which will, of course, vary depending on the duration and, to some extent, size of the event). Contact: warwick@warwickfox.com

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